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Important Things To Know About House Moving Insurance In India

Important Things To Know About House Moving Insurance In India

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When one is doing household shifting in India, employing even the best packer and mover will not give the guarantee of damage free delivery. The only thing that can give you peace of mind for the safety and security of your household items during relocation is moving insurance.  House Moving insurance or transit insurance is a type of insurance cover that can protect against any type of loss or damage to goods during house shifting near me

When moving homes, there are goods worth lakhs including furniture, antiques, crockery etc to be transported thus ensuring them becomes mandatory. So to make this process of taking moving insurance easy, here is a list of things to know-

1.    Good Movers are pre-requisite- Before moving on to the step of seeking insurance, you need to find professional packers and movers who will provide you that transit insurance. You need to choose a moving company that insists on ensuring your goods for relocation.

2.    Correct Packing list Value- One of the main things to do is ask the home shifting services company to create a correct packing list. Based on this current value, the transit insurance will be taken by you. 

3.    Type of Damage/Loss- Before choosing the type of insurance, ensure you read the terms and conditions well. Always check the type of damages and loss your moving insurance will cover. Choose only that type of insurance which covers maximum damages of goods.

4.    Claims- Also understand from the insurance company as well as your packers movers what is the claims procedure. In the scenario of any damage and you have to file claims, then how much time does it take for those claims to be fulfilled. This information will be very important.

5.    Paperwork- Do all necessary transit insurance paperwork if you are taking the cover. If you don’t do proper documentation then in the circumstance where damage happens to goods during household shifting, then you will not be able to file a claim. Thus always do signed and stamped documentation and keep it handy till your goods reach you safely.

6.    Scope of cover- Another important thing to know for moving insurance is to know the scope of the insurance cover. Understand in advance what is the scope of the insurance. Will it cover any loss due to mishandling? Will it cover any negligence loss due to shifting company? All these are important things to know before you go ahead with insurance.

Transit or relocation insurance is an important thing and should be a norm before any type of shifting. But always be informed properly before doing the same.


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