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Best Practices for House Shifting | Do’s and Don’ts During House Shifting

House shifting is a challenging task as it is; add in the prospect of finding the best shifting services and making sure that you are not swept away by the promises they make; you need to be on your guard. Besides hiring verified services that are approved by the IBA and reading the reviews about them, there are several other aspects of house shifting which you need to adhere to. Whether you an amateur who is hiring packers and movers for the first time or someone who has a lot of shifting experience, there’s always some pitfalls to avoid and rules which should be adhered, and this list of Do’s and Don’ts will ensure that you have a smooth move-

Billing-related information to be documented

 Before going ahead with the transportation process, you need to have all the billing-related information in hand. This billing information should include every cost that comes with the door to door service along with the final estimate. Once these charges are provided by your transporter only then give them the green signal for shifting your belongings.

Check for hidden costs and get the final estimate

Although there are a lot of shifting companies that guarantee the best shifting services, you cannot lose your inhibitions and believe them at face value alone. Therefore, be very precise when hiring any house shifting service by checking for hidden costs that the transporter hasn’t mentioned. These hidden costs could be anything from-

- Tips asked by the labors for packing or unpacking.

-Mandatory toll bills on the highway.

-Making sure that GST (gross service tax) is included in the bill along with the actual transportation charges. Also, the bill should include the GST details of the transporter and needs to be visible on your copy of the receipt.

-Verify if there are additional loading and unloading charges, besides the packers and movers in bangalore charges.

-Packing materials like cardboard boxes, bubble wraps should be mentioned in detail.

Make a list of your cartons/boxes to make sure that they are not lost during the move

It’s easy to lose track of your stuff when it's contained in cardboard boxes. Hence, it's advisable to maintain a proper list of cartons/boxes, valuables, cash or other items like gas cylinders before they are loaded or handed over to the transporter. This list should be double-checked at the time of unloading and unloading and signed by the transporters who are involved in the process.

Approximate delivery time should be provided by the transporter

One should be very thorough with the time of delivery and ensure that you have a written commitment should be issued from the transporter's side that tells you the approximate time of delivery. This way, you can track the delivery process without any qualms.

Keep your transit insurance receipt at hand

Transit insurance refers to a policy that covers any damage or theft of your personal and business belongings while they are being transported and meant to save your interests. Thus, the insurance policy of your transit insurance should be kept handy along with the premium receipt to stake your claim it in case of any mishap and theft. Also, make sure that your transporter provides you a valid insurance receipt, as many transporters are not in the habit of doing so.

Verify whether your transporter is genuine or not packers and movers in India.

You need to verify the transporter by inspecting the GST registration certificate of the transporters and the company's incorporation certificate and only then validate their packing and moving services. Also, you need to ascertain that your transporter has a registered office or establishment to contact them in person in case of any query.