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Indian Festivals and Holidays Calendar 2023

Indian Festivals and Holidays Calendar 2023

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With secularism being a crucial part of Indian democracy, there comes a favorable advantage along with religious freedom and fair decision-making. And that is we get to commemorate festivals of other religions as well. It is the only country where everyone, regardless of religion or community affiliation, participates in elaborate celebrations of every holiday.

The Holidays Calendar 2023 is filled with a plethora of festivals to make your year joyous and delightful. Let's have a glance at what celebrations we have throughout the year.

Indian Festivals in January 2023

The year begins with a plethora of festivals to celebrate. The commencement of January is marked by New Year's celebration and is followed by various other celebrations like Lohri, Pongal, etc. Let's have a look at what we got in January:



1st January 2023, Sunday

New Year

12th January 2023, Thursday

Swami Vivekananda Jayanti

14th January 2023, Saturday


15th January 2023, Sunday

Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Uttarayan

23rd January 2023, Monday

Subhas Chandra Bose Jayanti

26th January 2023, Thursday

Republic day, Basant Panchmi, Saraswati Puja

Indian Festivals in February 2023

There is a bit of a fall during the second month of the year. But it still has its charm with some major Indian Festivals 2023. Have a look:



5th February 2023, Sunday

Guru Ravidas Jayanti

14th February 2023, Tuesday

Janki Jayanti

18th February 2023, Saturday

Maha Shivratri

21st February 2023, Tuesday

Phulera Dooj

Indian Festivals in March 2023

Get ready for some extreme entertainment as the 2023 Holiday Calendar showers you with some significant festivals in March. Here are the elaborated details of the same:



7th March 2023, Tuesday

Holika Dahan

8th March 2023, Wednesday


12th March 2023, Sunday

Ranga Panchami

22nd March 2023, Wednesday

Chaitra Navratri begins, Gudi Padwa, Ugadi

23rd March 2023, Thursday

Cheti Chand

24th March 2023, Friday

Gangaur (Gauri Puja)

30th March 2023. Thursday

Ram Navami

31st March 2023, Friday

Chaitra Navratri Parana

Indian Festivals in April 2023

Showing secularism at its peak, April brings you the joy of Easter, Eid, and Hanuman Jayanti altogether. The month is packed with the essence of every religion. This is what we have in April:



1st April 2023, Saturday

Bank’s Holiday

4th April 2023, Tuesday

Mahavir Jayanti

6th April 2023, Thursday

Hanuman Jayanti

9th April 2023, Sunday


14th April 2023, Friday

Solar New Year, Ambedkar Jayanti, Baisakhi

21st April 2023, Friday


22nd April 2023, Saturday

Akshaya Tritiya

29th  April 2023, Saturday

Sita Navami

Indian Festivals in May 2023

As we set foot in the fifth month of the year, there is a sudden decline seen in the number of festivals. Here is the list of what we have in the month of May:



5th May 2023, Friday

Buddha Jayanti

Indian Festivals in June 2023

June again doesn't see much of an elevation in the number of festivals. But the number is still more than in May. It looks something like this:



20th June 2023, Tuesday

Jagannath Rath Yatra

28th June 2023, Wednesday


29th June 2023, Thursday

Ashadhi Ekadashi

Indian Festivals in July 2023

Being the wettest month of the calendar, July still grapples with maintaining a constant number of Indian holidays for the year 2023. You may not find many festivals to acclaim but the celebrations nevertheless continue throughout the entire month. Here is what we have in July:



3rd July 2023, Monday

Guru Purnima

15th July 2023, Saturday

Jal Shivratri

29th July 2023, Saturday


Indian Festivals in August 2023

The month with a myriad of festivals is finally setting its foot on your doorstep! Yes, you guessed it right, we are speaking of August. It entails some of the major festivals of the 2023 Holidays Calendar. And here are their details:



15th August 2023, Tuesday

Independence Day

19th August 2023, Saturday

Hariyali Teej

21st August 2023, Monday

Nag Panchami

29th August 2023, Tuesday

Onam, Thiruvonam

30th August 2023, Wednesday

Raksha Bandhan

Indian Festivals in September 2023

The monsoon is almost winding up and the winter is knocking at your door. You know we are talking about September. Well, September 2023 gives you the chance to invest yourself in the devotion of lord Krishna and Ganesh and end it with the joy of Eid. Let’s delve into what more we have to look forward to: 



2nd September 2023, Saturday

Kajari Teej

5th September 2023, Tuesday

Teacher’s Day

7th September 2023, Thursday

Krishan Janmashtami

18th September 2023, Monday

Hartalika Teej

19th September 2023, Tuesday

Ganesh Chaturthi

28th September 2023, Thursday

Anant Chaturdashi, Eid Milad Un Nabi

Indian Festivals in October 2023

Flick on your spooky sides as the month of Halloween has finally arrived. October marks the onset of the festive season and includes some of the major festivals of Panchang 2023. Check out the details below:



2nd October 2023, Monday

Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti

15th October 2023, Sunday

Sharad Navratri begins

22nd October 2023, Sunday

Durga Puja Ashtami

23rd October 2023, Monday


Indian Festivals in November 2023

November is the month that everyone eagerly waits for. Every house, every street, and every city is enveloped in the beautiful aroma of joy, prosperity, and the gloominess of the lights. Here is the list of all the celebrations you will bump to in 2023:



1st November 2023, Wednesday


5th November 2023, Sunday

Ahoi Ashtami

10th November 2023, Friday


12th November 2023, Sunday

Diwali, Narak Chaturdashi

14th November 2023, Tuesday

Govardhan Puja, Children’s day

15th November 2023, Wednesday

Bhai Dooj

19th November 2023, Sunday

Chhat Puja

23rd November 2023, Thursday


24th November 2023, Friday

Tulsi Vivah

26th November 2023, Sunday

Dev Diwali

27th November 2023, Monday

Kartik Purnima

Indian Festivals in December 2023

This is the time to bid farewell to such a wonderful year. There are not many festivals during this month but the onset of winter always calls for the celebration of Christmas. The month ends with a cheerful Ho Ho Ho and prepares you for the fun of next year. Have a look at the details:



17th December 2023, Sunday

Vivah Panchami

25th December 2023, Monday


That's what the Panchang 2023 looks like! We have included all the festivals of all the religions along with national holidays.

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