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Griha Pravesh Subh Muhurat 2021: Auspicious Dates & Time for Home Shifting

Griha Pravesh Subh Muhurat 2021: Auspicious Dates & Time for Home Shifting

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Griha Pravesh Muhurat relocation to new home are generally estimated based on Nakshatra, Lagna and Tithi. Gudi Padwa, Akshaya Tritiya, Panchami are some of the auspicious days for Griha Pravesh. Most of you will be clear that Griha Pravesh should be done before house shifting, but a few people still wonder why not to do it after relocation. Explaining in detail, Griha Pravesh is done just to evade the negative vibes and energies and bring the positive vibes through rituals. It is not just easy to plan Griha Pravesh on a day or date of your choice. Tuesday is considered as an inauspicious day and at times Saturday and Sunday are also interdicted in some cases. This depends upon your star, lagna and other facts. In general, Thursday is considered as the best day for Griha Pravesh 2021.

Why people Griha Pravesh their new home? Any significant reason behind this? Is it mandatory? Lastly, should it be done only during Griha Pravesh Muhurat 2021? All these questions pop up in people’s mind and of course sometime remain perplexed to find the answers for these questions. Atheist will never rely on all these rituals and don’t even mind about following the Muhurat timings and Subh day either. They plan a day that matches them dearly well, depending upon their schedules. Without any rituals and prayer offerings, they plan their home shifting along with their friends and family as a party together. On the other hand, people who rely on the superpower and trust the personification of a force will eventually plan their house shifting on an auspicious day. They explore and find the Griha Pravesh Subh Muhurat 2021 date and time in order to follow the rituals and prayer offerings.

Most people in general will invite a priest or Iyer that does all the religious rituals and prayer offerings. They bring all the materials ready for use and make your job effortless. They interpret the mantras loud and good, whereby spread positive vibes to your new home. Since being professionally trained, they know how to spell the mantras and offer the prayers one after the other. With the procedural offerings, they make your home a sweet home. Auspicious dates for house warming are usually calculated through Panchang Shuddhi. It gives the right time to complete the homam and as well make your Griha Pravesh pooja too. Griha Pravesh Muhurat relocation to New Home dates are listed here below. You can have a general idea with the best dates, however visit your priest to get the appropriate dates depending upon the star, nakshatra and Tithi.

Remember, the Griha Pravesh Subh Muhurat 2021 dates and timings depends upon the city. Hence searching for the dates in general, it is wise to set the city and plan your Iyer visit to get the dates. Panchang Shuddhi is the primary step that helps in deciding the best fortunate day for Griha Pravesh. Your astrologer can completely go through your nakshatra benefits and help in finding the right dates.

March 8,9,14,15, April 1,11,16,20,26, May 13,14,21,22,24,26, June 4,5,19,26, July 1, November 5,6,10,20,29 and December 13 are some of the auspicious days for Griha Pravesh Muhurat 2021. Keep in mind, all these dates are not just solely meant for everyone because it differs from person to person. Here are some essentials you need to take care when planning your house warming:

  • Ensure that there is no barriers in front of the house during Griha Pravesh Occasion.
  • Make sure that the house is clean and neat so that the divine soul will lighten up the place.
  • Light up and decorate the place with flowers which makes the entire ambiance aromatic and fresh.
  • It is good to preform the puja on the exact Griha Pravesh Subh Muhurat 2021 time suggested by the priest or astrologer.


On the other hand, it is also wise to get the best Subh Muhurat for home shifting in order to make your first stay positive and fortunate. With the relatives and friends around, you can plan your Griha Pravesh occasion really blissful and memorable. Your dream comes true occasion should be celebrated with all the goodness and holy prayer offerings. Hence plan it perfect!

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