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Shifting Home During Christmas? Here is How to Do it Smoothly with Mumbai Packers Movers

Shifting Home During Christmas? Here is How to Do it Smoothly with Mumbai Packers Movers

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As we know Home relocation is never an easy task and the season plays an important role in home shifting. As we know Christmas is a holiday season and it is a time of pagan winter celebration. If you are in a pleasant area like the south where you never feel cold then your home shifting will be easier and if you are shifting in the north, there during christmas winters are at peak then the difficulty level is more. 

 Extreme summer, nonstop monsoon and extreme winter will always be a deciding factor whether your home shifting is smooth or harder. According to researchers, winters will be a more preferable time when home shifting can be done because in India most of the places you will not experience extreme cold or snowfall as compared to  the unbearable summer heat and nonstop rain. So home Shifting in winter season will be more beneficial and advantageous. 

During the  Winter people are more lethargic and they prefer  to stay indoors and wrap themselves in a blanket and rest all day long.  And during that time they are all busy with the celebrations and preparing to welcome the new year. So it is a happy time of the year. If you want to make your shifting home during christmas smooth then you need to hire. 

  • Confirm details with your movers.

If you are planning for home shifting in Mumbai in winters then it is a pretty smarter decision. During Winters it is an off-season for moving companies, so there are more chances you will get several dates available to choose. But make sure you need to cross check in with your mumbai packers and movers a week before the move and a day or two before the move. Because in winter, we all know the weather can be unpredictable.

  •  Keep checking the weather.

If you are planning to move in winters then you need to keep an eye on the weather. You need to check it every week, and then every day the week of the move. If you are moving in the area where chances are the weather will shut down roads or hinder your movers, call the moving company and express your concern. It’s better to delay the move than get caught in a blizzard.

  • Cover your floors.

When your home shifting is near then make sure your house stays clean and your carpet and hardwood are protected from people who are tromping in and out. For that you need to Grab a couple cheap plastic tarps from the nearest hardware store, and lay floor mats down at every outside door.

  • Board your pets.

If you have a puppy then take our advice because No one wants a puppy underfoot while they’re trying to move. You need to keep your puppy in a warmer place. So you need to check some local borders and kennels for heated runs, heated floors for one or two day on a discounted rate. Make sure the fur babies are taken care of before the day of the move.

  • Clear the sidewalks, driveways, and streets.

Before the shifting day you need to clean the sidewalk because it will be more dangerous for someone who is carrying a heavy couch down an icy sidewalk. Make sure you will clean the walk with salt, shovel, or snow blow any major walkways which you think the movers will use, this way you will provide protection and safety to your belongings.

  • Check the utilities at the new house.

Sometimes it is worse than having no heat and no light in the winter. Make sure that every utilities at your new home are turned on and actually working before you start moving. We recommend getting everything turned on about two days before your move.

  • Have sheets, towels, and blankets on hand

Halfway to your destination when you are moving  with your furniture out to the truck, the skies open up and the snow is just pelting down. And if you don’t have sheets or blankets near the front door, the movers will have to carry Grandmother’s antique writing desk through the downpour with no protection

  • Smart coffee mugs

Also you need to buy a smart or temperature-controlled coffee mug. Smart coffee mugs are a lifesaver in winters. Nowadays people love to drink hot coffee and with the smart coffee mug you can easily and effortlessly prepare your coffee anytime and anywhere . Also you can control the temperature of the mug using your smartphone and you will get hot beverages all day.

  • Buy winter essentials 

  If you are shifting in the north then before shifting you need to prepare yourself because it is your first winter and you don't have a habit of wearing and having winter clothes. You need to reset your wardrobe with winter essentials like weighted blankets, splurge-worthy winter coats, sweaters, gloves, socks, winter hats, boots, etc. so that you can survive in the winter. 

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