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 Step by Step Guide for Home Relocation in India
Step by Step Guide for Home Relocation in India

Are you in a transferable job and have to relocate to a new city in India? Then you surely have a huge task on hand as home relocation in India is complex business. Not only is India a huge city with a difficult terrain and transport network but our Indian homes are generally packed with stuff thus making relocation very cumbersome. Home shifting in India from one city to another will mean the mammoth task of packing all household items and then relocating them. So what can one do to make this process easier for yourself? To make household shifting in India easier for you we present a step by step guide-

1.    Plan the Move- the most important thing to do before home shifting in india is planning. Plan when you have to move. Research a bit about your new location and understand when is the best time to relocate there. External factors like snowfall, monsoons, road network make a lot of difference to moving. Thus plan the timing for relocation well in advance. 
2.    Hire Packers and Movers- Since household shifting is a huge task thus hiring professional packers and movers is a good idea. Such movers should be chosen with extra research and care. Do check reviews and feedback about a transport company before choosing it. Indian banking association also recommends some packers and movers to their employees. These IBA approved packers movers are amongst the best in India and offer services across the country.
3.    Segregate Household Items- Few days prior to moving, segregate your household items. It might be a good idea to sell, donate or discard items that are not needed. This will not only make the load lesser but also make transportation cheaper for you.
4.    Quality Packing- A house has a variety of breakable, perishable and heavy items.  Thus each item has to be checked and packed properly so it doesn't get damaged. For crockery and similar breakable items everything has to be packed in packing paper/newspaper and then put in cartons or moving boxes before household relocation. Similarly expensive goods like antiques should also be protected. Electronics and furniture also require some particular type of packing.
5.    Door to Door Service- One very important factor while looking for home relocation in India is to secure door to door service. This means that the packers and movers will pick up, pack and move the stuff from your current doorstep and then move, unload and unpack it in your new home. This saves a lot of time and energy if doorstep delivery is done.