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How to Negotiate Smartly with Packers and Movers Companies in India

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Finding the best packers and movers in India at the right price is like striking gold. During a household move, it is imperative to use the services of a professional moving company and ensure hassle free shifting. If one needs make sure that household shifting happens at a swift pace with zero damage then it is best to seek the services of good movers and packers in your city. But when it comes to logistics and shifting, there will always be a lot of variations in shifting charges. Everyone has the right as customer to find out several quotes and rates for shifting and choose the best one. But how does one make sure that shifting quotes you choose are the cheapest? How do you discuss and negotiate the shifting rates with the packers and movers?


  1. Negotiation as a skill- The gift of the gab is something not everyone is blessed with. But if you are one of those who is gifted with very goof skills of negotiation then you should put it to best use. Most Indians are very good at the skill of bargaining. Thus, use this skill to negotiate the best price for your shifting.
  2. Compare and ask them to match cheapest quotes- Once you contact multiple packers and movers near me and get shifting quotes from all, choose the cheapest one for your budget. Then ask the moving service that you like based on their reviews to match that quote. Even if they are not able to match the shifting charge, they will surely be able to give the next best offer possible.
  3. Do background research – Before you start negotiating it is best to do some background research on all the moving companies. Once you decide which company suits you, do a lot of background checks. Check their reviews online and see how good their services are. Also, try to find out what sort of price range they offer and have done household shifting in the past. Based on this background research you will be able to negotiate keeping this information in mind.
  4. Find a good Deal not the cheapest one- When you negotiate always keep in mind that you are negotiate to ensure optimum use of your money. Do not take it as an activity to save money. Always go for a good deal and not the cheapest one. Sometimes the cheapest deal can turn out to be raw one for you and can backfire. Do not get stuck with saving money and in turn making losses during home shifting by an incompetent person. Thus, choose an able moving company and negotiate the best deal for yourself. Do not get stuck with the cheapest deal with an incapable company. Negotiate to a limit where both parties concur and are able to enable the shifting smoothly.


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