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How to Take Care of Furniture while Moving House

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There are many kinds of furniture in a house such as sofa, recliner, wardrobe, dining table, study table, divan, etc. Many houses also have antique furniture which are family heirlooms. Protecting the furniture pieces while moving to a new house is very important. Without adequate measures to protect them, the furniture pieces can not only get nicks and scratches but can also suffer extensive damages such as splintering of wood, torn upholstery, broken glass and many more. 

Some of the tips to protect your furniture when you pack n move to a new house have been discussed here.

Inventory and Assessment

Make an inventory of all the furniture that needs to be moved. Determining which furniture needs to be moved and which can be disposed off is an essential step. Very old and highly damaged furniture are usually not moved to a new house. List the extremely heavy furniture separately as extra efforts would be needed to move them.

Assess the condition of each and every piece of furniture to be moved. Taking the photographs of scratches and dents if detected on furniture helps in determining whether the furniture pieces have been delivered safely or not.


Measuring the doorway, hallway, elevator and stairwell is important to ensure that furniture can be moved through without disassembling. Furniture can be moved without disassembling only if it fits in the doorway and hallway, is not too heavy to move and is at no risk of damage if transported in one piece. However, it is recommended by many experts of packers and movers that furniture which can be disassembled should be disassembled during moving to protect them better. There are many types of furniture which can be disassembled. These include bed frames, modular sofas, table legs and chest of drawers. Professional carpenters can be engaged to disassemble the furniture or one can also follow manufacturer’s instructions to disassemble all by oneself.

Store the nuts, bolts and other parts in plastic bags and label them to avoid confusion about the parts during reassembling process. Tape the plastic bags underneath the large furniture pieces.

Packing Materials

Wrap the furniture pieces in bubble wraps or plastic stretch wraps. They are made of tear resistant materials which protect the furniture against shocks and jerks during transit. Bubble wrap is especially designed for fragile things and can be used to protect glass top furniture, dressing table with mirror and other pieces of furniture having glass. Furniture blankets are thick blankets which protects the furniture and also prevents rubbing against the walls during movement inside the house. Corrugated cardboard sheets can be kept between various furniture pieces to prevent scratches caused by rubbing against each other.  Sofa and mattress covers can also be used to protect upholstered furniture. Secure the packaging using ropes or sturdy tapes. The tape should not be applied directly on painted surface.

Equipment Required

Moving heavy furniture such as large sized table, grand piano, wardrobe, pool table and heavy chairs require the aid of special equipment which can be rented from any hardware shop. Special moving equipment include hand truck, dolly, trailer, skidboard and moving straps. It is better to hire professional workmen for the job of moving heavy furniture using the equipment to avoid damage.

Correct Placement

The furniture pieces should be placed strategically in the truck to avoid damage during transit. Heavy furniture such as sofa, bed, dining table, chest of drawers, wardrobe, etc. should be loaded at the back of the truck to keep the various furniture pieces in a stable position.


Dust and debris tend to scratch the surface of the furniture during transit. This the reason why dusting the surface of a furniture with a clean cloth is essential. Thorough cleaning can be done at the new house.


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