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The country witnessed a huge lockdown for more than two months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, several people’s plan to shift and move were thwarted and they were left stranded in various places across the country. But since the country has moved to unlocking now and businesses have started thus the packers and movers industry has also swung back into action. Thousands of successful household shifting services are being done daily and people are reaching their destinations with their household stuff on time. A completely new world order has led to new ways of innovating in the movers and packers business also. Logistics solutions to packing are being innovated upon and sanitisations processes have stepped in. Unloading and disinfection have also undergone a sea change and the industry is adapting.

But as a customer, informs you to be informed and well aware of new procedures for a hassle-free house shifting. Some of the pointers to shift effortlessly and safely during the pandemic are mentioned below-

  • Choose the best shifting quote from the website and discuss telephonically on the costing of home shifting.
  • When the inspection of household stuff happens through chosen moving company, ensure the team comes with masks and sanitises their hands and legs. You may ask them to remove their shoes outdoors.
  • Do minimum paperwork. Take online, digital bills and all paper.
  • Do background check of the top packers and movers.
  • On the day of packing, try and keep minimum family at home. Ask elders and kids to stay in one room. Ask the packing team to wear masks and sanitisers every hour.
  • Ask for disinfection after they leave and your home shifting is started after loading on the truck.
  • Keep track of where your material has reached by the reliable household shifting company.
  • Once the movers and packers in India have shifted your home, ensure the material is unpacked properly.
  • Disinfect the house after the IBA approved packers and movers team leaves after unpacking.


The above are just some of the precautions that a customer should take and most of the movers packers of India are taking. But it is a customer prerogative also to be cautious and make sure they know what is right or wrong. So, make sure you exercise caution and follow all the best practices of safety along with the home shifting company.


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