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10 Vastu Tips You Must Know for Your Kitchen

10 Vastu Tips You Must Know for Your Kitchen

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Diverse energies exist in every home, but the kitchen being the center of every home attracts great amount of energy both positive and negative. Kitchen is a significant part of every home and is the heart of a house. To bring prosperity and positivity in the house there are few Vastu instructions, must keep in mind while moving home, which should always be kept in kind. It will certainly bring a welcome change in the house. Few Vastu tips that should be followed in the kitchen, so that positive energy prevails and positive aura is enhanced are invaluable. For instance every kitchen appliance should be kept and grains should be stored in an appropriate direction in synchronization with the Vastu principles to ensure prevailing of positive energy in the house.

10 Vastu Tips for the Kitchen are:

Kitchen layout as per Vastu

As per the Vastu Shastra a brand new house and the liberty to choose where your kitchen should be constructed is an indication that you are very fortunate. It is best to build your kitchen in the south-east corner of your house if you want to attract positive energy in your home. This direction of the kitchen according to vastu is dominated by the fire element and is an ideal place for the kitchen. If the possibility of this direction is not feasible then the north-west direction too is a great choice.

Entrance of the kitchen according to Vastu

Just as the layout of the kitchen is significant, the entrance is equally important as far as Vastu of the kitchen is concerned. Vastu experts are of the opionion that the entrance door  to your kitchen needs to be in the north, east, or west. Also, according to the kitchen vastu, make sure that it is not in any of the corners.

Placement of sinks and washbasins

As per the Vastu Shastra, the washbasins should be installed away from the stoves and gas cylinders and should never be placed on the same platform or in the parallel direction. The reason for this is that both water and fire are conflicting elements, thus causes a negative impact on the behaviour of a person. It can cause unnecessary conflicts and fights amongst the family members. Sinks specify flowing waters and an ideal place to have the basin or sink according to Vastu tips is the north-east direction.

Colours that are best according to Vastu for Kitchen

Another significant amongst 10 Vastu tips for kitchen is appropriate use of colours. According to the Vastu rules use of black in the kitchen is thought to be unfavourable and gloomy. Use of bright colours like orange, green, red are suggested, which brings lot of positive energy. It enhances the Vastu of every kitchen and will make it appear happy and trendy.

Correct placement of the stove

Another important Vastu tip is the correct placement of the stove. It should be ideally placed in the south-east direction of the kitchen that faces east, according to as per Vastu Shastra. This placement of the stove ascertains that the cook is facing the east direction when cooking and it is auspicious for the whole family.

Letting out negativity from the kitchen by placing windows in the right direction

Windows are the way to let out negativity from the kitchen. If there are one or two windows in the kitchen, it is perfect for letting out negative energy from any place and kitchen is no different. An exhaust or a chimney is also mandatory according to the Vastu rules. They should be installed in the east in order to emit all negative energy. Windows too need to be placed in the similar direction. It is a Vastu tip that can be very useful at the time, when the  kitchen location is being decided.

For a positive kitchen ambiance the slab should be placed appropriately

The slab in the kitchen is essential part and should be placed in the right direction according to the vastu shastra that ensures positive surroundings. Some of the Vastu tips for the kitchen slabs that should be kept in mind are:

  • Use stones that are natural  
  • Keep the slab neat and clean and should be de-cluttered at regular intervals
  • Do not place the slabs close to the washrooms as it creates disharmony in the family
  • To release positive energy place the slab in the south-east part of the kitchen according to the vastu rules as it promotes health and prosperity.
  • Kitchens should be well lit as it promotes positivity and a welcoming environment

Refrigerators and gadget placement in the kitchen as per Vastu

Refrigerators and gadgets are increasing in number and sizes with each passing day as they are very important for a modern kitchen. Refrigerator should be ideally placed in the south-west direction to get positivity in the kitchen. Other electrical like mixers, juicers, choppers, microwaves, ovens, should be placed in the north-east direction

Vastu tips for storage cupboards in the kitchen

Another vital element in the contemporary kitchen is the storage. You need storing space for food grains, crockery utensils, and additional kitchen essentials. The storage units should be installed in the western or southern direction. Ideally all the grains and different items should be stocked in the south-west direction, which welcomes good fortune and richness.

Vastu remedies at home

If you are a strong believer Vastu Shastra and want to ascertain a pleasant and positive surrounding at home, it is necessary to keep the kitchen clean otherwise it will attract negative energies. So, it is important to follow the above mentioned Vastu tips in the kitchen and have a healthy environment at home. keep the kitchen organized and free of dirt.

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