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Cost Of Living in Noida

Cost Of Living in Noida

Due to its planned infrastructure, the National Capital Region, Noida, has long attracted the attention of builders, real estate investors, and homeowners. On the one hand, there have been significant urbanization and industrial expansions, but Noida has prioritized a lot of green space. Depending on the type of housing preferred, the lifestyle choices, and the available transit, the Cost of Living in Noida may change.

In addition to a variety of entertainment plus lifestyle options, Noida features top-notch healthcare and schools. The extensive and high-quality road system further improves it. Recently, it has become one of the best cities for people looking for work.

Is Noida safe to live in?

In recent years, Noida has ranked as one of the most liveable cities in India. With the growth of IT and other sectors, Noida has emerged as one of India's wealthiest and best-planned cities.

Things to know before moving to Noida

You must take into account the following significant aspects when calculating the cost of living in Noida:

  • Your current occupation or position
  • Whether you are supporting a family or are living alone
  • Your present financial circumstance
  • Do you intend to purchase or rent a home in Noida?
  • Your lifestyle selections
  • Costs associated with education
  • Transport expenses
  • Fees associated with food
  • Utility costs, including household assistance, electricity, television, gas, and rubbish disposal, amongst many others.

Cost of living in Noida in 2023

Noida is a bustling metropolis with various leisure- and lifestyle-related activities available. The prices are, nonetheless, quite appealing compared to the amenities and facilities offered here. Therefore, these are some costs that you may have to pay if you decide to move to Noida.

This city has been dubbed the best in Uttar Pradesh and has various housing developments and commercial growth projects underway. Noida has established itself as a location with developing architecture and the best facilities in the nation.

The cost of living in any city or nation, though, entirely depends on your way of life. Electricity, rent, and all other expenses in Noida would efficiently run you between INR 25,000 and INR 35,000 for a decent existence.

It is ideal for students plus bachelors to get a 1 BHK home in low-cost neighborhoods where you can easily find an apartment for 7000–10,000 rupees. Contrarily, families or couples can get lovely apartments in upscale residential districts for as little as INR 35,000.

These costs represent an estimation of what it would cost to live in Noida:

  • 2 BHK apartments for rent-Rs 15000
  • Cost of a meal for one person in an inexpensive restaurant-Rs 300
  • Local Travelling Costs -Rs 1,000
  • Cost of 2 BHK apartment in Noida-Rs 50 lakh
  • Utilities such as Water, Garbage Disposal, and Electricity-Rs 4,000
  • Groceries-Rs 6,000
  • Household domestic help for cooking and cleaning-Rs 5,000
  • Lifestyle expenses-Rs 10,000

Noida remains a popular destination to purchase and rent because most people think it's an inexpensive place to live. Making certain lifestyle adjustments will be beneficial for individuals looking to save costs.

Cost of living in Noida for bachelor

Rent and cost of properties

The price range for bachelor housing in Noida is between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000 each month. For students/bachelors, several 1 BHK flats are readily available. If these units are rented out on a shared basis, the price could be further decreased.

Household Expenses

A home for a bachelor in Noida will range around Rs 5,000. It will cover the price of the internet, electricity costs, housekeeping, and upkeep. Additional amenities are also available, albeit at a cost.


It is best to remain close to your place of employment or educational institution in Noida, as e-rickshaws, metros, and vehicles are frequently utilized for transportation.


Noida's way of life can range from straightforward pleasures to rich nightlife. The monthly expenses for a bachelor might be close to Rs 5,000, depending on lifestyle choices.

Cost of living in Noida for a family

Families can choose from well-built 2-BHK and 3-BHK flats. The costs may be more significant for families wishing to live in Noida than for bachelors. The total cost of living in Noida for a household with children will be close to Rs 50,000.

Household expenses

A typical family of four people will have to pay between Rs 35,000 and 40,000 a month if we factor in all costs, including accessories, school fees, plus domestic help.

Cost of transportation

A family with a car will spend roughly Rs 10,000 per month on transportation. Nevertheless, the costs could drop to Rs 3,000 if you use public transportation.

Cost of living in Noida for working couples

The kind of neighborhood a couple chooses will determine their living costs in Noida. A 1 BHK flat can be found in some opulent locations for around Rs 20,000 monthly. Other places, though, offer more affordable choices. The couple's monthly household costs would be close to Rs 15,000, while their monthly transportation costs would be close to Rs 5,000.

Lodging is one of the most significant costs associated with visiting Noida. Property values are rising even though rental values are affordable. Individuals who intend to stay in Noida for an extended period should consider buying something. You will own the property even though you must pay the EMIs.

Average Cost and Factors that determine the cost of living in Noida

Cost of Accommodation

In Noida, there are many different rental housing options available, with prices ranging from Rs. 7,000–15,000 in areas like Sector 12, 32, and so on to Rs. 35,000–80,000 in areas like Sector 100 and 128.

Transportation Cost

There are several different ways to get to Noida, including cabs, buses, and metros. Other widely used modes of transportation include autorickshaws, taxis, and cycle rickshaws. Nevertheless, using your motorcycles and autos is always advisable when you want to save plenty of money.

Cost of Food

After hiring a place to stay, food is the next necessity. The best way to reduce your food expenses in Noida is to cook for yourself. It will save you a tonne of money because, in addition to your grocery budget, employing a cook will run you about Rs. 3000–4000 each month.

Cost of Groceries

The nearby food stores are conveniently accessible for supplies needed daily. Monthly grocery costs range from Rs. 5000 to 7000.

Cost of Utilities

Electricity, cable or DTH, and internet are all included in the cost of living in Noida. Everything depends on how much money you have and how you live. Your utilities will change depending on your location, how much you use, and several other things. It will price between 2000 and 5000 rupees.

Cost of Shopping

The best place for all kinds of shopping is here. Another nearby site where you may find excellent food, clothes, and accessories is Brahmaputra Market. Last but not least, Jagat Farm Market is a renowned retail centre where you can fulfill all your buying demands.

Cost of Entertainment

Numerous entertainment options are available in Noida, including exciting theatres, clubs, bars, shopping complexes, and more. With tickets costing between INR 300 and INR 500 for each person, Noida multiplexes offer a fantastic movie-going experience at a reasonable price.

Cost of Kids' Schooling

The annual tuition for some overseas schools’ ranges from Rs. 72000 to 3.5 lacs. Preschools and kindergartens will cost anywhere from Rs. 4000 to Rs. 120000 per year.


Noida is among the most congested cities in the neighborhood of the national capital. Almost all of the amenities one would require in the modern era are there in this metropolis. Nevertheless, the expense is where the primary problem lies. The price of housing, food, transportation, and entertainment together make up Cost of Living in Noida 2023. There are several instances where the expenses differ. For instance, living alone is less expensive than living with a partner or a family.