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IBA Approved Packers and Movers in Mumbai List, Moving Tips, Quotes & Charges

IBA Approved Packers and Movers in Mumbai List, Moving Tips, Quotes & Charges

All IBA approved packers and movers in Mumbai take care of their every customer. They provide the best facilities and services for shifting houses from one area to another. They take all the responsibility of shifting from start to end and you will get safe and secured shifting from the reliable packers and movers in Mumbai. To get the IBA Approved packers and movers in Mumbai have to clear the qualification test and they have to fulfill all the conditions of the Indian Bank association. 

All IBA approved Packers and Movers in Mumbai give their customer a quality of services and after hiring them an individual will never regret because your goods are handled and carefully packed by the well trained staff with right knowledge and technique. These packers and movers in Mumbai always use high-quality packing material. IBA approved packers and movers in Mumbai provide you accurate loading and unloading services without any damage because they have appropriate tools which are required for loading and unloading. IBA Approved household shifting in Mumbai having a trained team of workers and they will perform all the relocation process very carefully. They not only provide fast and efficient services but also provide affordable services. IBA approved packers and movers are not here to generate revenue, they are here to give the client satisfaction because they understand the importance of items and your money. Packers and movers of Mumbai are always ready to serve you with highly proficient and fast services in a safe and secure way. 

If you want to make your relocation hassle-free and efficient then you need to follow our Mumbai home shifting tips

  • Avoid Last minute Packing   - When someone knows they have to shift then generally they start packing their stuff very late and at the time of the shifting they mess up everything. Sometimes things won't be properly packed, then this causes damage. So it is advisable to start packing your stuff before 10 days of shifting and hire some professional packers and movers of Mumbai to avoid unwanted damage or losses.
  •  Prepare checklist  - If you write everything then you will not miss anything and you will be managed properly. So it is always advisable to prepare a checklist because it will help you in tracking every valuable and non-valuable item. And this will help you to know how many cartons you want have shifted and you can check how much loaded and how much unloaded at the destination. If you know the actual number of cartons then you can check how many cartoons are missing, if your ratio doesn't match.
  •  Packing materials - You are not taking the help of the professional people then, you don't know what type of packing material is required to pack the items and don't know how to pack the valuable household item. Then your household stuff gets damaged because of your lack of packing skills and lack of quality. Your items are not fully protected. With professional packers and movers of Mumbai, your household items are fully secure and safe and you will get damage-free shifting because they know the type and quality of the material are required for packaging and they have the skills to pack the items properly.  
  • Labels on the cartons - The shifting process is very hectic and tough, sometimes people are so busy in the process that they forget to label the boxes. So without the labeling, all the boxes are treated the same; they might be fragile boxes that will be mishandled at the time of loading and unloading. Labeling is the best way to save your fragile items from damage. 

Understand the quotes of the Packers and movers in Mumbai

  • Number of items: How many items or goods you are having for the relocation. Types and number of goods are involved in relocation like furniture, kitchen items, wardrobe, bed, etc.
  • Quality: What type of items do you have for the relocation and what type of packaging material is required to wrap your goods. If you have delicate items then bubble wraps, hard-boards, tape, etc things required.   
  • Distance: Distance is the important factor of the cost which all packers and movers of Mumbai will consider. How much travel distance is there between the current and new location and what type of expenses came in between the shifting?
  • Location: Location is also important because shifting the goods is not so easy. If the Shifting of goods is from the top floor or any other floor, then the cost of the shifting will be affected. Ground floor charges will be less and the prices of the floors will vary from floor to floor.
  • Transportation Medium: Transportation of goods is also an important aspect while calculating the cost of the shifting. If you are using a dedicated truck then charges will be more because these dedicated trucks provide services only to you and these trucks will not wait for anyone else. If you use a shared truck then the charge might be low because not only your items are transported but also others also.
  • Branded Value: Sometimes the brand value of the moving company will affect the cost of the shifting. A company gains brand value only after providing standardized services for many years, so branded company charges will be higher as compared to others.
  • Number of Manpower: Sometimes Charges also vary because of the number of workforce/manpower is required to pack and load the items. If you require fast-shifting then manpower will be increased because if the manpower is more than time-consumption will be less.


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