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India - Key Preparations before Household Shifting

Home relocation in India is certainly one of the most stressful tasks a person goes through, and given a choice, anybody would avoid it. Yet, home shifting into new apartments to live in is a common phenomenon that happens at least once in a person's life in today's world. Lots of preparations need to be made before house relocation in India but here is a checklist.

  1. Consider the Scale of the Relocation :-  Are you moving into a new apartment permanently ? Or is it just for a certain period of time before you move to another place ? Keeping this in mind, make a list of household items to be shifted and categorize belongings.
  2. Consider your Budget :- Moving is difficult, and there are reliable packers and movers out there who will do the job easier for you if you can pay for their services. But if you're on a small budget, you might ask friends, relatives, and neighbours to shift home from one part of the city to another.
  3. Plan your Move :- Pay off all bills, and notify service or utility providers for electricity, cooking gas, water supply, telephone and internet, the bank and the post office about the residential address change. The new apartment should be more or less ready to be lived in before you leave your old home.
  4. Categorize your Household Belongings :- Important documents, money, jewellery, and other such items will have to go with you. Segregate priorities that will be used almost as soon as house shifting in India is done - like kitchen utensils, clothes, items for the bathroom, and some essential furniture like beds. Set other household items aside.
  5. Consider the Items you have Set aside :- How many do you actually use, and how many have just been lying there, used rarely, if used at all? Sell or donate items that you don't need. Start using up things like food, which can't be donated. A party for neighbours might actually be a good idea at this stage.
  6. Consider the Time you have Before Shifting Home :- Accordingly, coordinate your move so that leaving the old place and home shifting into the new apartment happens more or less simultaneously. In case of any flaw in the plan, consider having a storage place ready for the household items. It could be an acquaintance's garage, or a proper warehouse offered by a packers and movers storage facilities.
  7. Start Packing as Early as you can :- Because it is an overwhelming task. It might be a good idea to get reasonably-priced packing and moving services at this point. DIY packing mostly involves bubble wrap, boxes, and tape, but the professionals have high-quality material, including wooden crates and waterproof packaging to guard against the weather.
  8. Set aside Some Food and Beverages with a Reasonably Long Shelf Life  :-  Also pack an overnight bag with a few days worth of clothes, toiletries, a roll of toilet paper, and medicines. Shifting may take time and unloading and unpacking immediately on the arrival of the items may not be possible.
  9. Make an inventory of household items and get your belongings insured against damages in transit before loading them into the transit vehicle. Best home shifting companies have transport vehicles of their own.
  10. Before leaving :-  Check meticulously for anything that might have been left behind. Clean up the place for the next owner.


Posted : 29th July 2015