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Do and Dont While Household Shifting in India

Anyone who has gone through home relocation can tell you it is not an easy task. From picking the best packers and movers company to saying goodbyes to all the friends, each of the steps requires proper planning to make the process smooth. Here are some simple Dos& Don’ts tips for household shifting that will help you in shifting to your new home comfortably.

Dos for Household Shifting 

1.The A to Z list:

Take your time and make a checklist. Note down everything thatrequires to be done while home shifting in India, right from paying all pending bills to the list of people you have to say goodbye. As somethingmight just slip away whenlot of things running in your mind during the shifting, preparing a checklist of tasks is always better.

2.Plan your Relocation in Advance :

Planning in advance will make thehome shifting in India an easier process for you.Also it is better to plan earlier to avoid last-moment huff-puff. Planning ahead of time is definitely a good idea for home relocation in India.

3.Speak to your Children :

While shifting home in India, children often find it leaving their friends and surrounding traumatic. You should Sit with them and counsel them what will change because of shifting. Also, involve kids while packing up the things that matter to them as their school bags and goodies to make sure something is not left out.

4.Pack with Care :

Though packing these days is well taken care by expert packers & movers companies. But that does not mean it’s their job only. There are few precious household items you should better pack yourself or involve in the packing process.Pack everything properly and keep your important documents with you during the shifting.

Don’ts Tips for Household Shifting

1. Insufficient Planning 

It takes a proper planning for easier household relocation. You should start planning ahead of time because this way you could plan out & scheduleyour household relocation properly.Also, when you’ll have enough time to pick a packers & movers company, the chances to pick a right company are higher.

2. No Written Contracts 

When contracting with any movers and packers company make sure to sign a written contract. Making everything of shifting process on paper is importantrather agreeing with verbal commitments made by moving company. By doing so, you have solid proof of all the things that both you and the shifting company have agreed to. 

3. Not Verifying Movers and Packers 

This one is amongst the most important tips for household shifting to screen your household moving company. After all, it’s all about your valuable household items; you can’t let anyone handle with it without checking their credentials.Ensure that moving company you have picked is reliable and trustworthy. 

4. Carrying Excessive Items 

Its good idea for home relocation in India to not carry the items to new home that you don’t need any more. Charges of home relocation vary depending on volume of goods you have and distance. It does not make sense to carry the things you may not need. So get rid of the items that are useless to you.

Posted : 23rd July 2015