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Patna 5 Tips to Get Professional Home Packers and movers in Patna, Bihar

The Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) provides an Approved List of transportation companies to its Member Banks, which makes it easier for those banks to lend money to the companies featuring in the list. This approval means that a certain company has valid documentation, satisfies some criteria, and has agreed to fulfill definite obligations. While the IBA declares in its disclaimer that it does not provide any guarantee against negligence or lack of precautions, default, damage, or criminal activities like fraud, an IBA approval still gives a sense of security and reliability for some. It is not true, however, that the IBA or its member banks have any part to play in the compensation for goods damaged in transit, unless the goods are insured.

Patna belongs to Tier II of Indian cities, and ideally, there should be a decent number of IBA approved packers and movers in patna. You could be looking for household relocation in Patna, or you could be looking for home shifting to metros like Kolkata (which happens to be the nearest), Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, or Mumbai. Either way, you need professional packers and movers.

  1. Check the WWW - If you are on the lookout for an IBA approved packers and movers service, the best place to start is their own website. Enter the city name and search according to your needs.Also look for online directories and forums where you can enter keywords about what you want and get suggestions.
  2. Select - Remember that not all good packers and movers have applied for or tried to get an IBA approval- perhaps due to lack of awareness, or lack of resources. Therefore, it does not make sense to stick to IBA approved packers and movers alone. Select a minimum of three packers and movers, including companies with this approval as well as those without.
  3. Consult - Although it is true that the IBA would only approve valid shifting companies, an IBA approval status tells you nothing about the company’s quality of service. And according to the disclaimer, the IBA approval isn’t much of an assurance against damage to goods or fraudulent activities either. So check everything about the companies you have selected. Consult an online or offline directory, the company’s website, and ratings and reviews left by prior customers.Word of mouth is probably the best approval you can get when checking for a company’s quality of service. To eliminate frauds, check the company’s balance sheet.
  4. Ask for a Free Quote - Every good packing and moving company, conducting domestic, national, or even internationalhousehold relocation, would be ready to provide a free quote. Get in touch with the companies you have selected, and state your requirements. A professional from each company should survey the goods to be moved, and provide an estimate. Regardless of IBA approval status, choose the company that charges a reasonable price, and has decent reviews of the quality of service from prior customers.
  5. Insure - For any kind of home shifting in Patna the best packers and movers would themselves provide you with the option of insuring your goods before loading and transit. Unless you insure your goods, there is no way you can claim compensation for goods damaged in transit. So choose that packers and movers that accepts responsibility for possible damage, and arranges for insurance documents themselves, on your behalf.