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Tips to Relocate Household Items and Bike (Delhi)

Relocation is one of those horrendous tasks everyone would love to avoid. But did you know that studies show people moving 12 times in their lifetime on an average, even if it is within the same city ? Here we have some tips about how to relocate household items and your new vehicle relatively smoothly.

1) Calculate your budget. Doing-it-yourself (DIY) may seem like a great idea at first, but it is not. DIY home and bike shifting in Delhi is hard and might actually increase your moving costs. Cardboard boxes and bubble wrap may not be enough for really fragile items, or for items that need waterproof packaging. Loading boxes into a truck is a Herculean task, which, unless done by experts, can damage many household items. Moreover, you don't want to wear out the tyres of your new vehicle or spend a huge sum on fuel to drive it to the new home while vehicle shifting. Not to mention that you will not have a moment's peace for quite some time. It is a good idea to hire a packers and movers for relocating household items and vehicle shifting in the city.

2) There are many frauds out there in the relocation industry. How do you locate a genuine household packers and movers in Delhi ? Start by looking up directories and forums where former customers may have left ratings and reviews. Select at least three, check their balance sheet to ensure they are genuine and not fraudsters, then contact each for a free quote. Genuine companies would be ready to send trained personnel for evaluation of your household items and bike. Ensure that the company is not one that tends to stop the vehicle carrier while vehicle shifting, unload, and reload it in the process of transit, because that can potentially damage the vehicle. The transit of your bike from departure point to delivery point should happen without the vehicle being moved at all. Given all these conditions, choose a packers and movers Delhi that is pocket-friendly and reliable. 

3) When you are moving, it is essential to take only those household items which you really need. Sell or donate objects which have accumulated over time and are not actually used. For things which cannot be donated, like food and beverages, consider having a party with friends and neighbours where you may be able to use up those items. Clear all dues, and notify utility/service providers about the change in address: the local post office, electricity, water, and cooking gas suppliers, telephone and internet service providers, the bank, vehicle insurance and registration provider, the electoral office, and so on. Even if you are moving within the city, these people would have to be updated about your change of address well in advance, so that your new home would be more or less ready when you relocate your household items and new bike.

4) Insure your household items and your bike before they go on transit. A genuine packers and movers in Delhi should themselves prepare necessary documents. Make note of the condition of all your household items, check your bike's tyres and its paint. Check all these again when the consignment is delivered, so that compensation may be claimed for any damages.

5) Coordinate the pickup and delivery schedule of  reliable home relocation in delhi so that your bike is loaded at the same time as the loading of the household goods. The bike should go in a vehicle equipped with a hydraulic ramp and a system to clamp down the tyres so the vehicle doesn't move during transit. Both the bike and household items should be delivered at the destination simultaneously.

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