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What Are the Safety Protocols Followed by Professional Packers and Movers in Chennai?

What Are the Safety Protocols Followed by Professional Packers and Movers in Chennai?

The movement or relocation from one place to another has become easy nowadays.  The services provided by packers and movers in this regard are worth being praised. They have made the life of the hirers stressless.  A focus on the prompt users of packers and movers will be very informative.

Users of packers and movers

Naming a single user will not provide the solution to the query.  Packers and movers services are available both at the local level and inter-state level.  The cost of the service depends on the distance between the source and the destination. Normally interstate moving will cost more than the local moving.

  • Individuals: Individuals use the packers and movers service very frequently.  The reasons include the transfer of jobs, new jobs, issues related to health, or cost-cutting.  Every individual moving from one locality to another locality faces one or all the causes mentioned above.  The job done by packers and movers is shifting of household items to the destination.
  • Corporates: Shifting of corporate houses is very rare. Shifting normally takes place when the organization has decided to move to its premises from the rented premises.  There are chances where the organization has decided to implement cost-cutting practices and wants to move to a locality where the rents are low.  Even in such cases, the services of packers and movers are utilized.
  • Industries: Industrial customers very much require the service of packers and movers.  The requirement arises when the industrial goods are supposed to be moved from one location to other. Sometimes, even the manufacturing companies hire packers and movers to move their goods to different warehouses as a part of their business activity.  This may be on short-term basis as the companies will be having their transport facility.  In case of non-availability of vehicles due to various reasons, the services of packers and movers are used.

Safety protocols followed by professional packers and movers

  • Briefing:  Whenever a customer approaches the office of the packers and movers in Chennai, it is the prime duty of the staff to brief about their services.  A polite behaviour towards the customer will always impress and give good results.
  • Personal inspection:  When the customer is happy, he/she will confirm the destination and request the staff member of the service provider to come and visit the place from where the items have to be shifted.  These steps should be followed compulsorily.  A quote can be given to the customer only after a personal inspection of the items.  The staff member has to make a list of items to be shifted.
  • Confirmation from customer:  After the list is prepared, a copy of the same has to be given to the customer for approval. This approval is required because later the customer may deny the payment for the services rendered or disagrees with the price charged. Professional packers and movers in Chennai ensure that appropriate approval is taken from the customer and some advance amount is also taken on the safe side.
  • Planning the material requirement:  Once the customer confirms and agrees with the cost of the services, the manager has to plan the required packing material considering the list made by the staff member.  The manager also has to plan the number of staff to be sent to the customer’s place to complete the task.  Once everything is done perfectly, the team has to be sent to the customer’s end on the date requested by the customer.
  • Arrangement of transport vehicle:  The team members are not supposed to ask for any sort of stationery items from the customers.  They have to bring their stationery/ packing material from the office and utilize it in the task. Once packing of all items is done, a separate note has to be made.  A copy of this has to be given to the customer for rechecking at the time of unpacking.  Once everything is done, the team members must load all the items carefully in the transport vehicle they bought along with them. 
  • Arrange staff for unloading material:  Once the material is dispatched, if the shifting is done locally the service provider can send the required staff to unpack the material.  But in case, the destination is far or is in another state, then the service provider should contact his branch office in the location of the destination provided by the customer.  The branch office in return will send the staff members to unpack and rearrange the material at the destination mentioned by the customer.

Best Packers and Movers in Chennai ensure that all these protocols are implemented by the staff to have a safer and errorless shift.

Conclusion:  Every organization has a system of working and when the system is followed wholeheartedly and sincerely, the chances of making mistakes are minimized. Whenever a new employee joins the organization, especially related to packers and movers, a briefing about the systems followed and their importance should be done.