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Tips to Relocate Your Domestic Pets Safely with Household items in Chandigarh

It goes without saying that your pets are an intrinsic part of your family. Relocating your domestic pets safely, along with household items, while home shifting, is an extremely daunting task which should involve utmost care for the animal.
The best packers and movers in Chandigarh would suggest a few essential measures for pet and home shifting.

1) Planning -  Make sure that you know the rules of the community where you are moving to. In a big, rising city like Chandigarh different communities have different guidelines regarding pets. Some don’t allow pets at all, while some allow only the most common ones like cats or dogs. Many packers and movers are not permitted to transport them, so before you choose a relocation company from among the city's best packers and movers for pet and home shifting in Chandigarh , make doubly sure that the one you wish to employ has the proper license to move animals. 

2)   Moving pets- The best packers and movers that promise safe relocation of your pet along with your household items would go in for special carriers rather than crates. Aquatic animals are usually carried in plastic containers equipped with battery-operated oxygen filters. For terrestrial animals, the carrier must have a leak-proof bottom, with cushioning for a safety, cross-ventilation, and a secure latch that shouldn't be locked. (In case of an emergency, people should be able to get it out easily.) The animal should have the space to move about, stand up, and lie down, and have access to food and water. Discuss the idea of a mild sedative with the vet so that the journey is more comfortable for the animal. Before moving day, try and get your pet familiarised to the carrier/ container.

3)  Moving household items -  As professional packers and movers get down to work, pets can hurt themselves on the debris lying around, they can get frenzied and attack the packers and movers who are "strangers" to them, or they may simply run away. Keep them away from all of it, in a familiar room that will be packed last, with food, a water bowl, and whatever comforts them. The packers andmovers should pack your household goods in the best packaging appropriate to the item being packed. Make an inventory of things going in transit.

4)  Insurance -  Any good pet and household and shifting company in Chandigarh will help you with this. For the household items, the packers and movers should ideally organize insurance documents on your behalf. As for the pet, get an updated health report from your current veterinarian and locate a local veterinarian in the area to which you will be moving. Take a picture of your pet and attach an ID Tag with the pet's name, your name, and the destination address. If you are able to, depending on the type of pet you have, a microchip is a good idea so that the pet doesn't get lost in transit.

5)  Unloading and unpacking - As packers and movers unload and unpack to set up your new home, consider that your animal may have become aggressive unless it was sedated. Handle your pet carefully and don’t introduce it to a wholly unfamiliar place at one go.It will be much less emotionally difficult for your pet if they adjust to at least one room beforeintroducing it to the others.
The above tips will help in easing out the pain of pet and household shifting in Chandigarh. But this isn’t an exhaustive list and you may have to change it according to your needs.