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Bhopal- Recognise Genuine Packers & Movers

People move from place to place all the time, and the process of home relocation is made easier opreating  by professional packers and movers in Bhopal. But which packers and movers?

Because there are fraudulent companies out there which use such advanced techniques of deception that they can trap anyone from an under-educated person to IT personnel, advocates, and even policemen. Research says that nearly 80 people find themselves cheated every day. Fraudulent shifting companies can go from damaging precious goods to stealing certain items, to vanishing with the whole consignment.


How do you know if a home relocation company in Bhopal is genuine?

1)    Look up the company in a directory and ask around for a certain packers and movers company's credentials. For a local company, this should be easy.
2)    Find out about what prior customers of the packers and movers company have to say. Check ratings and reviews and testimonials. Also check certifications that may have been awarded to the company.
3)    Do not believe blindly in advertisements, marketing companies, or even directories, because a fraudulent company is perfectly capable of manipulating records. 
4)    Verify the credentials of the packers and movers before booking them. Do not trust websites, because buying domain names is very easy for even the common man, without considering fraudsters and what they can do. Check for real postal addresses, real telephone numbers, and real email addresses. Local packers and movers can be more easily traced than trans-national or international companies. For queries, assistance, clarifications, or complaints, contact the National Consumer Forum.
5)    Make sure that everything is done in a proper, professional way once you’ve opted for a packers and movers company. While packing, insist that each box be marked and an inventory made before loading, so that you can cross-check when the packaged goods are unloaded. Make the inventory on an electronic device rather than on paper.
6)    Insist on a company that has logistics to track the consignment. Otherwise, insist on accompanying the people responsible for transit to the destination point. For domestic shifting within the city, this can be done without much effort.
7)    Choose a company that offers at least some minimum insurance for the goods to be transported. Cross-check if they offer compensation for damaged goods. Ideally, the company should accept responsibility for any damage caused in transit.
8)    Take a look at the balance sheet of the packing and moving company in bhopal advance. The balance sheet is important because it lists, as of the date when it is prepared, the balance of the company's income and expenditure. It is a statement of what the company owns, and what it owes to other parties at a definite point of time, and therefore shows the company's financial position in the market, and everyone, from the company's own management team to the bank to investors and potential investors and suppliers, depend on it. Checking the balance sheet is the most important and most foolproof barrier against a fraudulent company